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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Not hiding out, just busy

Didn't anyone explain to my Intro to Biology class that its an intro class? Good grief, he's killing me! In reality, this guy is a very good instructor and he really likes his material and teaching. But the class is an every day, lunchtime class and has an intensive workload to keep up with. I'm working on a couple pages of definitions for Tuesday that will become a portion of a term paper due at the end of the term. And I'm trying to sort through my extensive notes for a test on Tuesday.

I also have 4 speeches to prepare for my Public Speaking class, so I am researching and writing outlines for each of those.

On top of that, I've gotten the scooter running again, for now, after tearing the carburetor apart last Thursday. I also fixed the broken internet connection here at the house, dumped Norton's Internet Security software off my laptop and replaced it with Bit Defender's Internet Security suite. My Outlook Express is working again, as a result of dumping that POS Symantec software off my computer.

In my spare time I've built 2 target stands from 1-1/2" PVC pipe and 2X2s for taking to the desert. I've installed my new Simmons Prairie Master scope on my Savage .223 rifle and taken it to be boresighted.

The BSU & I did make it out to a movie on Friday, we saw Crank, which isn't a movie for the squeamish. Its a pretty wild, action-adventure flick, rated R, and it earns it with its violence, language and sex. It does have a dandy soundtrack and one scene where they main character manages to get his 70s Buick Riviera stuck, on its side, going up a mall escalator. That must have been a great scene to film!

So that's what I've been doing. Work continues faster than ever. Our president came to town and Salt Lake City made all the major media this week for the demonstrations that preceded his visit.

Now, I'm trying to track down a cousin that holds the strings to my grandad's trust fund that will pay for most of the Boy's schooling and figuring out how to pay for the balance.

And you thought I was just goofing off!

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